18 December 2013
18 December 2013,

EDDM Printing

The EDDM (Every Doors Direct Mail) service is available through the United States Postal Service, and makes it easier for businesses to send mail to current and potential customers. There’s no need to know the physical address of every person you’re sending mail to. All you need to do is identify the neighborhood you want to target, and mail is delivered to the active addresses that are in the target area.

The service can help new businesses find new customers, which can increase the revenue of their business down the road. Using EDDM can also reduce costs and the time spent preparing mail by hand, envelope by envelope, addressed to each individual. The cost of using EDDM is also at a discounted rate for businesses so that they can save even more money in the long run.

You can save even more money by using InPrint’s services to do all of your EDDM printing for you. In using Every Door Direct Mail, the piece being sent must be of a specific size for it to be eligible and has to follow USPS’ guidelines in formatting the piece, pulling the mailing list for the targeted areas, preparing the mailing and delivering it to the post office. We can provide the quality card stock you need for your EDDM postcards to appear attractive and professional so that you can draw even more customers to your doors.

EDDM Design

The businesses that benefit most from this kind of mailing process are restaurants, retail stores, gyms, dry cleaners, car washes and doctors: those businesses that are focused on providing a service to their customers. Instead of spending money on advertising, EDDM targets those qualified to receive mail, notifying them on the services and products you are providing.

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We can also create your EDDM mailing list for you, saving you the time you need to actually run your business. We can pull up mailing lists for you as well, for any zip codes you are interested in having your mail sent to. We are dedicated to helping you and your business thrive, by providing you with exactly the services you need to succeed.

Use InPrint for all of your EDDM needs. We make it easy for you to create your custom mailing lists so that you can reach as many customers as you need to. You’ll have to worry about the costs of traditional methods of mailing for your business needs ever again. EDDM mailing is much more cost effective for businesses that are just starting out, and need a more effective way of advertising than posting a notice in the newspaper or shelling out thousands of dollars for a giant billboard. EDDM mailing can be used to effectively target the people you want in specific zip code areas; so that you know what kind of audience you’re catering to.