Business Cards

Business CardsBusiness cards are shared at trade shows and are often handed out at networking events. These cards are provided to prospective customers. Hence these tiny 3.5X2 inch cards play a pivotal role in business expansions. There are several card design companies that have emerged over the years providing a gamut of business card designs and printing services. This is why it is very difficult for business owners to select the perfect company to do the task of designing.

Glaring design flaws must be avoided at all costs. For instance do not clutter your card with unnecessary information. Customers lose interest in cards that provide non-essential information. Perfect business card designs include company Logos, name, phone numbers, email ids, website address and company address. You can also throw in a simple one-liner describing your company profile and nothing more. The design must have clarity. Do not use too many colors that take out the professional sophistication from the card. You can use two to three colors at most.

Another important factor is the font size. Use bold legible fonts and avoid using flowery letters. Although the latter looks good on the card, they are more often than never illegible. Moreover, business card designs must have one uniform font size through-out the card. Do not use two or three types of font types on the card as this takes away the professional touch from the business cards.

You can also add QR codes on your card. This will enable smart phone users to check your website using their phones instantly. In addition to this do not leave the back side of the card empty and jam pack information on one side only. Print a list of services provided by your company or other crucial information on the back side of the card.

Business Cards Design

The best way to develop the card is to get involved in the designing process. Do not delegate the work to a third party. Ask for few card templates as samples from the company and choose the best possible layout. Although companies printing cheap business cards are plenty, you must do your own research. You must also look at several types of business cards and decide which layouts you like most for your own card.

Printing companies often promise cheap business cards and might provide you with cards that are not made from proper material if you do not check the sample-material beforehand. Make sure that the cards are made of quality material. Moreover, you must have a card that have a certain weight, light weight cards bend and crumple easily and do not create a good impression.

You can also do certain innovative and fun stuff with your card. If you are an architect you can order cards that have the shape of protractors, or if you are a florist you can add a certain type of fragrance to your card to make it interesting. Make sure that you use a gloss laminate so that the cards do not get damaged even if it gets soiled.